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To get ahead in the world of military strategy, you’ve got to be ready to leave things behind. Preconceptions about other people, misgivings about yourself, tough times, children/spouses, mistakes you’ve made, your former boss, shoes—whatever it takes. I’m willing to do that. And if you’re looking for someone with over 18 years of war crimes experience, you’ve found her. If it helps, I tried to murder half my former coworkers.

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Blowing stuff up

Taking prisoners

Distracting She-Ra

Attempting to murder your boss

Saving the universe

Doesn't ask about my medical license.



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Growth Hacking Expert

Knowing where the bodies are.

Puked on my carpet

Many children


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Actually Murdered The Other Half Too

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Capable of murder 🥵

Beautiful shiny fur I'd like to lick

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