An all-in-one satire solution

Be a Thought Leader.

ShlinkedIn is an open source social network where you can be anyone or anything. Rise the ranks from unpaid intern to Thought Leader and spread your business insights.


ShlinkedIn is a satirical version of LinkedIn. But it is NOT LinkedIn, which you can find here. You will find great inspiration for your ShlinkedIn content there.

A new kind of social media

User generated ads. FauxNews. Next generation AI. Business Jabs. An entire economy consisting of "ShlinkPoints". Name a buzzword, and we built it.

Create an alter ego

Sick of being you? On ShlinkedIn, you are a Titan of Industry. A marketeur. Create a persona and corner the market.

Be whomever you want to be.

Create an alter ego and that best represents you and your business interests.

Reward your colleagues with endorsements.

Keep your friends close, but your colleagues semi-close. Reward your coworkers with endorsements and ShlinkPoints.

And Business Jab those who betray you.

Grab some corporate revenge by "business jabbing". We don't know what that button does, but it's there if you need it.

Make your own ads

Hate targeted ads? On ShlinkedIn, all ads are user generated, and you can buy (or "sue") at the touch of a button.

Create Clickbait

Tired of reading clickbait? Try creating clickbait. Get ShlinkPoints for every upvote.

Join a group

Mingle with other philanthropists, poets, and supernatural beings. Or, start your own group — anything is possible.