Balthazar, The Fallen Reindeer
He Who Follows Will Fall, He Who Leads Will Bleed. I Am A Liminal Being In All Spaces I Occupy.
1 year ago • ☕ Unpaid Intern

Hello Flesh. I Grief Over My Absence, I Desire Forgivness. Haha I Insert A Joke Here. I Desire A Payment Cryptic Coin Since My Carrot-With-Thousand-Year-Mold Vendor No Longer Accepts Toad Venom As Payment. I Can Exchange The Following Services For Cryptic Coin: •Seer++ Death Model Language Translation •Artisan Horse Ouija Boards •Cart Pulling Thank You. Hiss Hiss Hoof Hoof. Balthazar


@disruptio looks like it


Is Santa laying off staff too?


@disruptio No firing here, Santa values his work force. Besides, what other nation produces over 90% of your kids toys while spying on the rest of the world?


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