Business Facebook to Reverse Last Year’s Bad luck with New Moleskin Notebook

By Evan Walter

MENLO PARK, CA—Facing mounting pressure from federal agencies and souring public opinion, Meta CEO & founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the company’s new Moleskin Notebook.
“Last year was challenging, but I think this notebook is really going to turn things around for us,” said Zuckerberg in a presentation last Friday. 

When pressed on how Meta will use the notebook to correct the flood of fake news on Facebook, he said “It’s sort of blue sky right now, it’s unruled so we might start sketching, or maybe like a 5 minute journaling thing in the mornings. I’m not sure yet, I just know it feels really nice to have.” 

When asked if they would just get 5 pages in and stop using it, he said “... honestly I don’t think that’s even the point? I think it’s about self care, like this is a treat. We needed a treat.”