Coughing in your elbow just won't cut it anymore.

Company Culturee 5 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Office Free of Coronavirus

By Dr. Vilkus Biznece

Coughing in your elbow just won't cut it anymore.

As Covid numbers decline, many workers are returning to offices, where they belong. However, though somewhat subdued, Covid-19 is still present, and offices must take the following precautions to keep their precious employees healthy and, more importantly, generating revenue. 

Make sure each employee washes their hands for no less than 20 minutes.  Personally supervising each employee while they use the restroom will help make this policy tenable. One fun tip for making sure the process of handwashing lasts the recommended 20 minutes: Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” 150 times and you’ll know it’s been roughly 20 minutes of vigorous lathering. 
Resist the surprisingly common urge to touch your toilet bowl. It’s something we’ve all grown accustomed to doing subconsciously. We’ll be sitting around, perhaps reading, talking with a friend, and we’ll—without thinking about it—dip our hands into the toilet bowl to splash the water around our office. Try to be more cognizant of times you feel your hands reaching for the nearest toilet. One thing that might help: Keep your hands busy—if you are working constantly, your hands won’t be free to splash toilet water all over the place. 
Don’t let your employees leave work. If they wanted to go home, they should have thought about that before Coronavirus happened. Securing all doors and windows with padlocks will help keep unhealthy germs and contagious viruses out, while keeping good germs and productive employees in! Remember: If they form a resistance, or attempt to complain, remind them that they don’t have free will. 
Award hand sanitizer to those who log sales. It’ll help motivate the team while also keeping your prize salespeople in fighting shape! Now, let’s get out there and sell, sell, sell! Also, cough in the mouths of underperforming employees. 
Put the company first. Even if you feel sick, work through it! If the company stock does well, so will employee health. That’s just good science.